Complementary Solutions

Aromatherapy products "For The Skin You're In & The Body Within" is where it all started - but that was just the beginning. 

I create formulas for many day to day physical ailments as well as for emotional upheavals.

Read for yourself how formulas and custom blends have helped people.



Hand crafted 


  • Created from scratch - including the base creams.

  • Made in small batches to ensure freshness

  • Botanical ingredients only

  • Organic when available

  • Natural preservatives

  • Cruelty free



Purposely chosen botanical ingredients enhance the essential oils which are the "active ingredients" so to speak in each blend.


Cold pressed & Infused ~ Sweet almond, apricot, avocado, borage, coconut, calendula, grapeseed, hazelnut, jojoba, macadamia, pumpkin seed, rosehip seed, shea, St. John's wort, vitamin e.

Cocoa, illupe, kokum mango & shea.

Other ingredients:
Including, aloe vera, mineral clays, floral waters, honey, hydrosols, sea salts, sugar, vegetable glycerin, witch hazel... 



Oh! ... and essential oils!


Too many to list and the collection is still growing.







Custom blended formulas created to restore balance based on your Hippocratic Temperament.


Safety & Precautions...

While using essential oil blends is a safe and pleasurable way to maintain or regain physical and emotional balance, there are certain circumstances where precautions should be taken.  

Every now and then some people find they have a sensitivity or reaction to an ingredient - even natural ones. If you are one of them and see the culprit(s) in the list of the ingredients we use listed here please contact us to find out if it is in the product you are wanting to purchase.