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For The Skin You're In & The Body Within

Alternative holistic products and services promoting total physical and emotional wellbeing. Clinical aromatherapy products and formulas for healthy skin and common ailments - sore muscles & joints, breathing problems, sinus, mood swings, emotional upsets. Custom blends with an assessment. Other services - Ear Candling.  PSYCH-K.



Browse around to unearth a complementary solution that's just right for you.    

We offer products and services that promote and maintain physical and emotional well being.


Choose from a growing line of clinical aromatherapy formulas to remedy many everyday physical discomforts -

Aches & pains, respiratory or circulation complaints, or perhaps something to nourish, protect, heal and maintain healthy skin. Nerves, stress and other emotional upsets also respond well to essential oils which are often referred to as the "life force" of plants and are the active ingredient in these formulas.


Change outdated subconscious beliefs and the consequences of them.

Improve every area of your life personally or professionally.  Power to name a few with the PSYCH-K  process.

 Ear Candling 

Seasonal allergies, colds or flu symptoms are some examples of how having an Ear Candling can be beneficial.

Customized Blends

Consider having a custom aromatherapy blend developed specifically for your very special and individual needs.

Your headache for example may be the result of an imbalance in your digestive, immune or nervous system.

An Aromatherapy Assessment is required to ascertain which essential oils are best suited or avoided according to your particular needs and temperament.

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