Complementary Solutions

For The Skin You're In & The Body Within

Services natural products and formulas promoting total physical and emotional well-being. Clinical aromatherapy formulas for healthy skin, emotional balance and common ailments - sore muscles, nervous tension, respiratory, digestive, circulatory or lymphatic formulas available. Custom blends available with an Assessment. Other services: Ear Candling.  PSYCH-K to change limiting or outdated beliefs that could be holding you back.



Alternative Therapeutic Approaches 
Natural products, formulas and services to enhance or supplement other traditional treatments you already use to improve physical and emotional health.


Many physical as well as emotional upsets are remedied with essential oil formulas. 

Aches & Pains - Nervous or muscular - sciatica, headaches, rheumatics or menstrual. 
Respiratory - congestion or nervous breathing.
Immune weakness.
Digestive upsets.
Lymphatic stagnation  
Circulatory issues 

Healthy skin - Soothe, heal, protect and maintain healthy skin with natural and nourishing essential oil blends.

Anxiety, nerves, stress - insomnia and hormonal imbalances respond well to essential oils too.


Free yourself from limiting  subconscious beliefs and the consequences of them.

Very quickly the PSYCH-K  process moves us through and past any limitations holding us back in life.

Confidence - Self esteem -
Personal power - Health - 
Grief & Loss - Spirituality and 

... with ourselves or  others or others personal, professional.

 Ear Candling 

Helpful in relieving congestion due to sinus or allergy, colds or flu symptoms. As well as Headaches, vertigo or dizziness read more here. Ear Candling.


Finding the cause of symptoms by using the Aromatherapy Assessment tools, eliminates them permanently in many instances.

Addressing both the physical and emotional aspects equally restores balance on all levels. 

Custom blends are created with hand picked essential oils best suited or avoided according to your specific need or temperament.

Your headache for example may be the result of an imbalance in either your digestive, immune or nervous system.

And More...

Read the benefits and directions for Dry Brushing, using a Poultice / Mask or Soaking Salt bath. As well as some Testimonials as to how our products and services have helped.  Also some Frequently Asked Questions on PSYCH-K and Aromatherapy results.

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