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For The Skin You're In & The Body Within

Services and hand crafted aromatherapy blends to promote or enhance total physical and emotional well-being.
Clinical aromatherapy formulas for healthy skin, emotional balance and common ailments - sore muscles, nervous tension, respiratory, digestive, circulatory or lymphatic formulas available. Custom blends available with an Assessment. Other services: Ear Candling.  PSYCH-K to change limiting or outdated beliefs that could be holding you back.



Enhance your physical health and emotional well-being
using aromatherapy blends and PSYCH-K® processes.


Physical as well as emotional upsets are easily remedied using essential oil blends. 

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About Aromatherapy
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Free yourself from limiting subconscious beliefs and the consequences of them.

Very quickly the PSYCH-K  process moves us through and past any limitations holding us back in life.

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Pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms using the Aromatherapy Assessment.
Determining which essential oils best suit your specific needs have been found to eliminate recurrences permanently in many instances. 

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About Aromatherapy
FAQ Aromatherapy. 

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 Dry Brushing.  
Poultice / Mask
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Ear Candling

Helps relieve head and sinus congestion due to allergy, colds or flu symptoms. As well as vertigo or dizziness. Read more about Ear CandlingPre-pay your service online.

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