Game Changer !!!

Psych-K with Debbie is a GAME CHANGER !!!
It is the fastest and most effective method I have experienced for resetting false beliefs.
After 1 session I made some life changing decisions that I had previously been wavering around.
Psych-K is intelligent and simple and the subtle and “not-so-subtle” shifts are organic ... this does not require will-power, coercion or strain.

I highly recommend Psych-K w/ Debbie !!!

Dawn Prokop |  The Sourceress

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Since going for sessions I have gone from being down on myself to feeling like being in love and these feelings intensify throughout the day.  

Life changing!



Thanks to PSYCH-K® I've moved past the traumatic experience, due to the sudden and unexpected break-up of a long term relationship. I don't obsessively think about it 24/7 anymore - blaming myself and what I could have done to prevent it.

Now when I do think about it I'm not feeling anxiety about it at all. The hurt and rejection has all dissipated even the anger I felt seems to have vanished completely. 

Thank you Deb and PSYCH-K®.

Alex Dallas, TX


I had the opportunity four weeks ago to be introduced to and experience PSYCH-K® with Deb.  I have to admit I was not completely sure what to expect.  Yes, I had looked at her website & did some research – but I was not prepared.  It has made a phenomenal change in how I manage stress – my job transition stress especially.  In fact, I got an offer & accepted last Thursday.  I start my new job on 6th September.  :)

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have had the session & recommend others be open to PSYCH-K and book a session with Deb. 

Truly more than we realize is rooted or influenced by our subconscious.

Again - thank you for your help & introduction to PSYCH-K.

Paul Belk


Debbie is excellent at what she does and gets you results! I came with some insecurities around self worth and dating beautiful women. Literally within the week, attracted a gorgeous woman into my life and felt completely at ease. Thank you Debbie!

David Wang


Finding a lasting relationship.


I am almost 68 years old. I’ve had moderate success in my business life but failure in my one to one relationships with men. I was always searching for the perfect companion for me. I always compromised; they always left me for another.

I really did not believe Psych-K would work. Thought it couldn't but - was I wrong! After the session I found myself meeting nice people and discovered I gained self-confidence and must have given out the right vibes because - I was in demand - being offered dates - asked out to dinner - even received a marriage proposal! 

Now I have met someone of my own age that I am happy to date and see socially. 

I thoroughly recommend that you try Psych-K. It will help you gain self-confidence, give up bad habits and make your life happier.

Shirley Stanton. Chertsey, Surrey, U.K. - July 6th 2011


Shirley& Ron Celebrating their 5 year anniversary in 2015.


Shirley& Ron Celebrating their 5 year anniversary in 2015.

Shirley& Ron Celebrating their 5 year anniversary in 2015.


I have had 3 Psych-K sessions with Debbie.  Each one has achieved the desired goal of removing obstacles from my life. 

Each time, the session was not very long and the transition towards a positive direction was so gradual that I barely noticed.  It wasn't until I went back to review the session notes that Debbie provided to me that I realized how well each session had worked and how much progress I had made as an individual. 

I highly recommend a Psych-K session with Debbie if you have areas in your life that you want to resolve and move past!

Becky - Little Elm, TX


I was repeating the affirmation (statement) you gave me. You said I would know when I was done - I didn't know what that meant until I dropped into my heart-space. My affirmation tapered off and fell into silence when I arrived in my heart. That's when I knew I was done.

Claude Barrett


I was faced with a difficult and emotional situation after the death of my best friend of more than 45 years.  She had been very sick over the past year, and despite the frequent visits from the USA to the UK (5 times in the last year), the almost daily SKYPE and phone calls between us – the end hit very hard.  She had asked me to delivery her eulogy.

Debbie offered me PSYCH-K to help.  It made me understand I was not to blame for this; I could not have done any more than I did for my friend; and my best gift to her now was the delivery of her eulogy. 

I was able to concentrate, to block out anything else and the result was (in the words of the vicar) “you really made that come alive”.  I was also focused enough to recite a poem dedicated to her entitled   “Miss Me, But Let Me Go” which was indeed my last gift to her.



Psych K helped relieve extreme pain associated with Pleurisy.

It has also opened up new possibilities in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this process!! 

Laura Pierce


Fear of Crowds


I am so pleased with PSYCH-K® once again. I was having problems with my balance on escalators and a growing fear of being smothered in elevators and/or being knocked over when walking in crowds or extremely crowded places. 

Now I am quite confident and fearless in these situations.  Last week taking a friend to sight-see in London I was just fine. On the train, in ques or crowded tourist venues like the Crown Jewels there was no loss of balance, no dizziness or fears of being knocked down at all.

 No idea why it started.  All better now; thank you so much Debs.

 Shirley Stanton August 2016



Just checked in with a friend - we'll call her Kristina, and asked if she felt better after our little phone session yesterday.  We balanced maybe 3 or 4 belief statements to help her from feeling being pulled to and fro emotionally. Here's what she texted back...


"Yes I am.  Feelings about giving trust have certainly changed - a different understanding and not petrified of being hurt.

My world seemed to sort of opened up - mentally.  Allow people closer with keeping my center kind of thing which feels liberating."

Kristina - Austin


No more being stuck

After my first session I felt a huge shift - I was no longer stuck or in a dark hole with depression.

My best friend who I haven't seen in 3 years noticed it and in our phone conversation said whatever she did works - do more! 

L.H. Dallas


A New Perspective


Deb and I have done PSYCH-K for many different things and I couldn't begin to explain how beneficial it is. Anything from a changing relationship to work related issues, Deb's PSYCH-K sessions helped explore the true meaning of my issues, and conquered them. 

I highly recommend PSYCH-K to anyone looking to have a new perspective on daily life or to move past a traumatic experience.

A.F.  Dallas


I am doing so much better since you worked with me.

Stronger, clearer thinking and much more confident!!!

It's great taking care of myself and having a voice to do it!!! Thank you so much. I know you will help a lot of people with the Psych-K, it is powerful.

I found my power once again!!! Yeah!!  
J.A. Coppell


 There were 2 obstacles that I had allowed to nest in my spirit and ultimately define who I was.


1. I overcame being dictated by someone else’s strength and poor behavior.
2. A personal issue (fluctuating weight) that was “way” out of control has been completely addressed.

After a session of Psych K, I was able to honestly define the underlying reason why both seemingly unsolvable character flaws had become proprietary and negatively impacted my sense of power and what I could do to alleviate the issues.

Currently – I Love my Life and the self-improvements!