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Custom Blends for Poor Circulation

Circulation has always been my biggest health concern. Even as a child my feet were always cold in winter - and as an adult in 2002 having heart bypass surgery. Four years later I began having outbreaks of black spots on my toes. They would become blistered for 4-5 weeks at a time and it was uncomfortable to walk. The doctor I was seeing had no solution other than to amputate my toes if the situation worsened. 

Paul Gudat - Happily, as you can see, standing on all 10 toes!

Paul Gudat - Happily, as you can see, standing on all 10 toes!

I began using some formulas Deb made for me in January 2010, the blister outbreaks started getting under control and less frequent to where now I can't remember having any since October 2010. They worked well to clear up the spots and improve the circulation in my legs and feet.  They look and feel much better now!

In future I will be seeing Deb before it is an emergency and I highly recommend her and her oils."

Paul - Weatherford, Texas.  2010



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Any gripping movement made the pain in my thumb unbearable. Gardening was out of the question - squeezing the secateurs or digging would set it off. My doctor referred me to a specialist years ago who confirmed that I had arthritis in the thumb joint. A session of physio helped slightly, but still even opening bottles and pulling tabs of cans was difficult and painful and I usually had to ask someone else to do it for me.

I have tried many anti-inflammatory creams but they only help for a short time so I was willing to give anything a try when Deb offered me a sample of her new cream to use.

I apply it as often as I can during the day and tend to make a point of using it at night to give it longer to penetrate. The results are instant and now after a couple of weeks the constant aching has reduced and there is more flexibility in my movement.

I'm trying it on my elbow that has been giving me problems.  No visit to the doctors required.  And how nice to be able to use drug free creams.

Give it a go you will be amazed at the results."

Stephanie Avery - Sussex England.  28th January 2014.



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"Having heard of this marvellous cream I used it on a very swollen knee after a bad fall in the garden and was rather stunned when it rapidly reduced the swelling and soothed the pain.  So when my ankle was painful around the bone, this great cream cream into its own again.  My son, a professional sportsman playing rugby with his many bumps and bruises, finds it excellent as an anti-inflammatory remedy.

Thoroughly recommend, more please!"

Susie Haskell, Berkshire UK - December 2014


Vein Wane      

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 "Debbie's product has diminished the appearance of my broken veins and capillaries tremendously.  Works gradually, but it works!  I had a lot of them around my  ankles for quite a wile before I started using Vein Wane.  Using it at least once a day they are not longer an awful purple but a very faded blue."

Beth - October 2004




“After using your Restful cream for about five weeks now, I think I can safely say that it has helped relieve my restless legs problem.  I apply it each night before bedtime, and find that I am able to fall asleep without that creepy-crawly feeling in my legs which has bothered me for most of my adult life.

I've tried remedies advertised on television, but none of them worked.  I even tried putting a bar of soap between my bed sheets, but that didn't work either.

So I shall continue to use your Restful cream, which seems to be the answer to this bothersome condition.” 

Lu Mitchell - Dallas TX

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Various Formulas

The inflammation blend you made for me is wonderful! Have not needed a doctor or any pain relievers. The "hot flash" cream is incredible; and your right about the dreams.

Your talent has truly helped me over and over through the years. Thank You♥

Sharon Visser - Syracuse NY -March 2014

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I had my yearly follow-up for my shoulder with the orthopedic surgeon last week. In my first and subsequent visits after the accident one of his concerns was lack of circulation in the head of the humerus, which could cause the bone to die. One suggestion made in the visit of January 2014 was a reverse shoulder replacement. I chose to sit it out and see what the next few months would tell. X-rays taken last week show a healed bone!

After discussing the original diagnosis with Debbie, she made up a formula for inflammation and circulation.  I faithfully applied the formula and did "dry brushing" to my upper arm and shoulder for a few months after the accident. Though I stopped the dry brushing after a few months, I still use the formula when my shoulder stiffens up or is particularly worrisome. I still may require surgery for range of motion, but we've gone from considering reverse shoulder replacement to arthroscopic surgery for a tear in a tendon.

Donna. Granbury, TX. December 2014

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Adrenal Formula / Stress Headaches

“Since using the adrenal formula my stress/fatigue type headaches became fewer and fewer, and then I noticed I haven't had one in quite a while. In fact I don't remember when it was it's been so long.”

Beth O. Dallas Texas October 3, 2004

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Custom Blended Formulas & Adrenal Formula

I have gone to many dermatologists to help me with a rash that was taking over my skin. 
The itching was the worst and none of their suggestions or prescribed medications even helped with the rash or the itch.  My scratching drove me to draw blood to the surface, causing painful open sores.  When the pain left, the itching came back.  It was a vicious cycle. 

I had heard that the only way to go with my problem was through aromatherapy, so I turned my problem over to Debbie for her knowledge of it.  I had consultations with her and afterwards she made some products for me to use.  One was for my adrenal glands to be used once a day after showering and the other cream for the itch to be applied as needed.  It took about 3 weeks for the rash to disappear completely. 

Now, thanks to Debbie and her aromatherapy knowledge, my skin is completely healed and smooth again. Coincidentally, a hereditary nervous shake that I inherited has improved tremendously. Thanks Debbie!”

Eileen - April 2004


De~Con~Chest ~

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“I wanted to drop you this line to give you my recommendation for your Respiratory Oil. 

As you know I have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis for most of my adult life, suffering 1- 2 bouts per year.  Since I started using your Respiratory Oil 3 years ago, I have not had one episode.  Although I may be a little cautious, I use your oil at the first indications of a cold or allergy attack.  I have also noticed that these seem to have become fewer and further between these days.

I don’t know what is in your oil – but I like it- and it continues to work very well for me.  I would strongly recommend it for people with respiratory ailments.

Thank you so very much.”

Michael Anderson March, 2003

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Respiratory Congestion & Flying

“Whenever I arrive at my destination after flying, I am plagued with congested chest and throat and a general run down feeling which lasts for a week or so. 

Before taking my last trip Debbie suggested I use her Respiratory blend before I flew and again during a long flight and after arrival.  Amazingly I did not suffer any discomfort this time and will be using it without fail next time.”

Deanna Foster August 2004

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“I had two hand surgeries over the last couple of years and used a wound treatment oil I bought from Debbie to help them heal. 

The results were amazing.  Even the doctor was surprised how quickly the incisions turned into small scars. 

I plan to keep some on hand to help heal any wound.”

Cheryl Spires. Dallas, TX.  August 2004

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“After previous surgeries, healing and flexibility presented problems, in addition to large build up of scar tissue.

This time Debbie prepared a blend to be applied daily over the incision after surgery.  After approximately 1-2 weeks I noticed my skin was soft and the scar tissue did not appear to be building up as in the past.

Since the first application of this wonderful product I have always prepared in advance for future surgeries.  I do believe this product helped speed recovery, reduce redness and even possible infection.  Also it reduced that unwanted scar tissue and made a much less noticeable scar at incision site.  Thank you for a wonderful product.”

Linda B. Dallas, TX. April 2004

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Muscle & Joint

“So far, so good......it seems to be helping Jim's knee even after 1st application.  I put it on my knee too and it seemed to be less painful when I walk.  Today will be a real test as we are going to the Kimball Art Museum in Ft Worth and will have a lot of walking and standing! More later.”

Janine 3/28/2012

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Muscle & Joint

“Debbie’s joint cream has helped my knees and the aching I live with due to one knee replacement and arthritis in the other.  By using the cream on my knees twice a day I have experienced much less achiness in those joints as well as in my thumbs, which get coated during the application.”

Linda R. TX

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Muscle & Joints - Custom Blends

This is to thank you for the aromatherapy products I received whilst on vacation in Dallas earlier this year. 

The arthritis salve and the eye drops have both helped me tremendously.

The eye drops completely cleared the “allergy eyes” that I suffer from.  The redness and scratchy feeling cleared up within twenty four hours on use and haven’t returned.

The arthritis salve is certainly the best remedy I have ever had.  My right hand, index finger knuckle joint, has given me a lot of trouble for years now.  I use the computer all day in the office and was finding that the swelling and pain was beginning to limit my use of the mouse and keyboard. 

Also, at times when it was particularly bad, I couldn’t open jars, sew and perform other tasks easily.  The salve cleared up the problems and so far, now three months later, I haven’t had any swelling or pain.

I certainly recommend both products to your customers.”

Shirley Stanton - Surrey, England September 4th


Fever Blisters

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“I had eight small fever blisters on my lip and it was so swollen that it looked like someone punched me in the mouth.  I am amazed at how quickly the cream that Debbie gave me worked.  I noticed a significant difference after the first day.  The swelling had gone down and the blisters had begun to dry up.  They were completely healed in six days.  I’ve used prescription drugs in the past and over the counter products in several different brands.  None of them have worked and I strongly recommend using this product that works and is not wasting money on products that only claim to work.  Thanks Debbie."

Teresa, Dallas, Texas 4/22/2004

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Frost Bitten Hands

“Thanks Debbie!!!

My red hands from skiing in 30 below zero temperatures are no longer red!!

Until Debbie treated my hands with her Rosacea Cream, I was always asked about my red hands……………….and now no one has asked me about my hands.”

Emily - May 28, 2004