Relieves pain and swelling in muscles & joints. 
Detoxifying benefits of juniper berry and analgesic & anti-spasmodic properties in other essential oils, such as marjoram help bring lasting relief.

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Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief

"Any gripping movement made the pain in my thumb unbearable. Gardening was out of the question - squeezing the secateurs or digging would set it off. My doctor referred me to a specialist years ago who confirmed that I had arthritis in the thumb joint. A session of physio helped slightly, but still even opening bottles and pulling tabs of cans was difficult and I usually had to ask someone else to do it for me.

I have tried many anti-inflammatory creams but they only help for a short time.  I was willing to give anything a try when Deb offered me a sample of her new cream to use.

I apply it as often as I can during the day and tend to make a point of using it at night to give it longer to penetrate. The results are instant and now after a couple of weeks the constant aching has reduced and there is more flexibility in my movement.

I'm trying it on my elbow that has been giving me problems.  No visit to the doctors required.  And how nice to be able to use drug free creams. Give it a go you will be amazed at the results."

Stephanie Avery - Sussex England.  January 2014.


"Having heard of this marvelous cream I used it on a very swollen knee after a bad fall in the garden and was rather stunned when it rapidly reduced the swelling and smoothed the pain.  So when my ankle was painful around the bone, this great cram cam into its own again.  My son, a professional sportsman playing rugby with his many bumps and bruises, finds it excellent as an anti-inflammatory remedy. Thoroughly recommend, more please!"

Susie Haskell, Berkshire UK - December 2014