When you rewrite the ‘software’ of your mind
you change the ‘printout’ of your life!”
— Rob Williams

Are you ready for change...


Unlike other modalities you've tried, the PSYCH-K® process speaks the language the subconscious mind understands to change the programming - the outdated beliefs, patterns and behaviours that are holding you back. 

Beliefs can be changed in a matter of minutes. No heavy lifting required! No need to recite affirmations or relive your past to get where you want to be.

Whether you've held the belief you want to change for 30 minutes or 30 years makes no difference, it can be changed quickly and painlessly.



Whatever it is you've been struggling with - confidence, relationships, money, career or health can be quickly and effectively transformed.



  • Be committed & motivated - to begin AND complete your goals
  • Break self-defeating habits & behaviors
  • Release past hurts & grievances - forgive others and yourself too!
  • Find peace after the death of a person, pet, relationship or job loss
  • Overcome shyness, timidity, nerves 
  • Gain confidence to go for that job or promotion or date!
  • Release trauma - Past or future - real or imagined
  • Find your comfort zone with money - let go of worthlessness
  • Connect with your spiritual nature
  • Create healthy relationships - Personal or professional - with yourself as well as with others.

If you are feeling challenged personally or professionally and are ready to turn your aspirations into reality this is for you.


The subconscious mind

The subconscious mind stores our attitudes, values and beliefs.

Everything we think, do or say originates from beliefs created from past experiences. Based on those experiences we form perceptions - filters which influence our viewpoint, how we see the world and ourselves.

Many beliefs instilled (or installed) we've carried around since childhood. Some are hand me downs from our parents and grandparents. Well-intentioned guidance at the time maybe, but hindering, even sabotaging our progress and growth as adults.  


The conscious mind


Sets goals and judges results


Thinks abstractly

Conceptually based.

Short term memory

Time bound. Past & present.

Limited processing capacity.
1 - 3 events

2,000 bits of information per second

The subconscious mind


Prefers routine
Monitors operation of the body:
Motor functions, heart rate, digestion etc.

Thinks literally

Sensory based

Long term memory

Timeless. Present time only

Expanded processing capacity
Thousands of events

4 Billion bits of information per second.


Left Hemisphere



Thinks in words


Time bound




Brain red blue left_and_right_brain_2.jpg

Right Hemisphere



Thinks in pictures


Time free




If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t... you’re right.
— Henry Ford
"PSYCH-K® doesn't choose what you believe - It helps you believe what you choose."