Locally or Worldwide 

In person face-to-face sessions available here in Dallas, Texas. For everything else there's Face Time, Zoom or Skype!

Remote sessions are a viable option when you live further afield - in another state or country.
Or you are unable to come in person because of health issues or time restraints. Or, maybe you’d just like to be in the comfort of your home while you have your session.

For this, using surrogation I become a stand in on your behalf for part of the PSYCH-K® process while you do the actual balance (change process) which I will guide you through.

Distance sessions are an option when you can't actually be present at all. In which case I will be a surrogate for you and do the actual balances on your behalf.

Surrogation?  Using a specific protocol that ensures it is in the best and highest interest for us to work together in this way, l become a ‘surrogate’ for you, allowing me to work on your behalf.  


Before your session


If you haven't already, I recommend you watch "The Psychology of Change" video where Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K® explains the process. About 1 hour.
You’ll get an idea about the process so that your session time is spent focusing on YOUR goals. 

If you can, make time to watch "The Biology of Belief" first. Bruce Lipton PhD is a stem cell biologist and in a little over an hour explains how our health has more to do with our beliefs than genetics. It’s well worth the time.

The shorter videos in Rob Williams Video Series are around 5 minutes each. They give you bite sized introduction to the PSYCH-K® process.


Please complete and send over to me your Intake Form prior to your session. Again, this saves time during your session being spent on making the changes you are wanting. Get it off your chest here… when it comes to your session time we don’t need to get lost in the details.


 if you’d like to have a chat to clarify any questions and concerns you might have before you commit to booking. 


Your actual session


Whatever is your top priority at the time of your session is what you will balance for. There is no way of knowing how many or which balances it will take. (See below for more on that.)

We will create an action step for you, nothing too involved, something so that you will realize or recognize your new potential. PSYCH-K® creates the potential, you create the results.

Time permitting we may cover more areas you are wanting to work on.


After your session


You'll receive an email within a few days with your session notes - the beliefs you balanced.

As you look over them, and I recommend you do from time to time, subtle as well as profound shifts and changes will become apparent. Be aware of what shows up. Often a shift is noticeable immediately - during or shortly after a session, sometimes it may take a few hours, days or weeks to fully process.   

After about a week I will follow up with you to see how you're doing and answer any questions you may have. If that's not soon enough give me a call 214.499.2783, email me or get in touch.


If you're willing to share how PSYCH-K® helped you with others, email me your kind words directly at deb.comp.sol@sbcglobal.net.  Specify if how you'd like to give your name or initials or remain anonymous. 


How many sessions will I need?

Only you can answer that…  

Often 3 sessions is what it takes to clear your limiting beliefs around any one goal.

From there you may (and highly likely to) discover more areas you’d like to work on. And ultimately it’s up to you how far you want to go.

A 90 minute session is a starting point to give you a feel for how the process works.
You will release stress and anxiety around your top priority goal - no doubt about it.
Depending on what your goal is, one session might be all it takes to clear 'it'.

Either during or shortly after a session additional "stuff" often comes up that you want to clear with another session. In which case...

You are welcome to apply the cost of the intro session and upgrade to one of the packages. Or pay for additional time added to your initial session.


If you know you are ready to delve deeper and purge so to speak then one of the packages is the way to go at the onset. 

Intro 1 X 90 minute session 

3 session package 3 X 90 minute sessions total of 4½ hours.

6 session package Total 9 hours. The time can be broken down into whatever blocks of time suits you best.


Having more time allows us the opportunity to use the advanced balances like the Core Belief for example which takes about 45 minutes or Relationship or Life Bonding Balance.


Ready to get started? 


Get in touch - schedule your session or for a clarity call.


I look forward to working with you!