Enough about the aroma -
            Let's hear it for the therapy!


You may be using aromatherapy as an alternative, complementary or integrative approach to health already - and depending where you live in the world, you might even find it being offered by your doctor or hospital as a viable approach, and have been recommended to an aromatherapist.

Generally speaking you might reach to essential oils and formulas for everyday complaints - allergies, coughs and colds, or aches and sprains.

That’s all good. If you want to take it further, read on.


What an aromatherapy assessment does

Let’s say you’ve been experiencing symptoms for some time and nothing seems to help. Or it helps but only for a while.

An aromatherapy assessment might well pin point and determine the root or underlying cause of it.

The assessment considers your Hippocratic temperament as well as the systems of the body that are involved, and any emotional aspects that trigger the symptoms as well as the physical symptoms themselves.

By determining what the cause is behind your aches, rashes, headaches, tummy troubles or anything else that ails you, addressing that by having a custom blended formula created for you, often there's a better chance you'll find it prevents them from recurring.


Do I need an assessment?

If you have no symptoms. but you're just not up to snuff - can't quite put your finger on it - you might find having an assessment restores you and put you back on track.

If, when you are already experiencing physical complaints, aromatherapy blends help because they address what is the underlying reason for them. Could be in relation to an imbalance in another area of your body or often it's an emotional one.

You’ve tried everything and nothing helps.


Custom blended formulas are created for you  using hand picked essential oils best suited or avoided according to your specific need or Hippocratic Temperament.  


Whole Body Aromatherapy



This technique is used to help identify which body systems are responsible for the imbalance involved in your particular situation.  

For example headaches & migraines may be caused by Immune, Digestive or Nervous system.  Depending on whether its triggered by pollen's or seasonal allergies - foods or brought on by stress.

Reflexology gathers information from various parts of the body via pathways known as meridians that each relate to corresponding reflex points on the feet.  Sensitivity in these areas reveals disharmony in the related organs and systems. 

Reflexology Seminars of New York

Reflexology Seminars of New York


Hippocratic Temperaments

Each temperament or Humor pertains to a bodily fluid and personality trait. We have an inherent temperament which get out of whack due to changes in life's circumstances. 

Choleric - Ambitious, leaders, quick tempered.

Melancholic - Analytical, quiet, sad.

Sanguine - Pleasure seeking and sociable.

Phlegmatic - Relaxed, sluggish.




Body systems have affinities to particular essential oils


Muscle & Joint aches, pains, stiffness & swelling
Veins - on face or body
Blood pressure, Hypertension
Palpitations, Poor circulation
Leg cramps, Swollen ankles
Indigestion, Bloating, Gas, Constipation
Breathing weakness, congestion
Nervous breathing
Sinus, Allergies
Headaches - Migraines
Skin rashes, Breakouts, Sunburn
Menstrual cramps, Hot flashes, PMS
Adrenal fatigue
Stress, Anxiety, Irritability
Nerve pain




Allow yourself 1 ½hours for the initial visit.  Follow up appointments usually take 45 minutes.
Custom blends created are at additional cost.



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